plate 36

Comte de La Pérouse
Plan de Port de St. François


There are undoubtedly earlier Spanish maps, but because of the Spanish policy of secrecy referred to earlier, few were published and are, consequently, extremely rare. This map, drawn by the comte de La Pérouse as he worked his way south from Alaska in 1786, is one of the first published surveys of the San Francisco Bay. It clearly shows the major topographical features that are so familiar today: the Farrallones (S), Ile de Los Angeles (Angel Island) (K), Ile de Alcatraces (Alcatraz) (J), the Golden Gate (Q and D), the Presidio de San Francisco (F), and the Mission de San Francisco (H). With relatively minor adjustments, it would be possible to navigate today from the Pacific Ocean across the bay into San Pablo Bay and through the Carquinez Straits using only this chart.