plate-07 Mapping the Pacific Coast: Coronado to Lewis and Clark. The Quivira Collection is a world class exhibition showcasing 45 magnificent maps, books and illustrations, dated 1544 through 1802, of the west coast of North America. It invites viewers on a voyage of exploration from the first tentative probing by European explorers through Thomas Jefferson’s commission of the Corps of Discovery. The 29 maps, 11 illustrations and 5 books that comprise the collection have been on tour in museums throughout the country, and have been viewed by thousands of people of all ages.

“Please join us for this online tour of Mapping the Pacific Coast, which includes images from the exhibition’s collection as well as their audio tour accompaniment. The maps and illustrations form a compelling story about many of the greatest adventures in history, including dangerous ocean voyages, races to chart undiscovered territories, sightings of sea monsters and other dramatic tales.  These stories not only inform us about the exciting history of our country, but also appeal to the explorer in all of us.”

~ Henry Wendt, map collection owner and historian.