plate 8

Jodocus Hondius
Septentrio America


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This beautiful and handsomely illustrated map of North and South America appeared in a general world atlas first published by Hondius in 1606 and reprinted many times until 1630. It is a stereographic projection with the curvature of the earth displayed by curving longitudinal lines that join at each Pole. Central and South America are portrayed quite accurately but the extreme western extension of North America is exaggerated.

Hondius was one of the first cartographers to include the discoveries made by Sir Francis Drake’s raiding expedition against the Spanish empire and Drake’s resulting circumnavigation of the globe between 1577 and 1580. On this map present-day California is labeled Nova Albion, which is the name given it by Drake, and Quivira Regnum has been pushed a little further north toward Anian Regnum.

Inset in the lower left corner is an illustration of Brazilian natives making a local drink. The large ship in the Pacific opposite Nova Albion is a Japanese sailing vessel with a large anchor on the bow.